Accessing School Information on AskNLearn


Dear Parents of River Valley Primary School,


School information has been put up on the school's Learning Management System or LMS (The AsknLearn Portal) as Announcements for parents to log in and download.  For e.g. the Principal's Letter to Parents 2016 and briefing slides for Meet The Parents sessions have been put up on the portal.


Please access the parents portal here. Thank you.


PV Application


All successful applicants for Phase 2B Parent Volunteer scheme have been notified on 1st September 2016.


Welcome to River Valley Primary School


River Valley Primary School was established in 1985 when three primary schools, River Valley Chinese, River Valley English and Kim Seng merged to form one school with a pupil enrolment  of 1700



Please click on this link to read more about how Sexuality Education will be conducted in River Valley Primary School.


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Parents in Education




Click here to visit MOE website on Parents in Education